Timer, my sci-fi thriller series, is now available on all formats. 1st episode FREE!

Timer_001 cover 3Jan15

Timer, my sci-fi thriller series, is now available on all formats and the first episode is free.

The three blood-red numbers suddenly branded on our chests has given us incredible insight.

We now know how long we will live.

Welcome to a world of paranoia, mistrust and uncertainty, to the darker side of humanity.

Revolutionary novellas from award-winning author Marc Horn, described by the BBC as a ‘High-concept and compelling sci-fi series, reminiscent of past hits such as “Logan’s Run”.’


About marchornwriter

Marc was brought up in Dartford, England. Nothing much happened there - landing a job as a banana packer was the highlight - so he spent most of his time lost in his imagination. Seeking change, he became an airborne soldier (not airborne germ, as a friend once called him) and had to parachute out of the first plane he ever went in. The boring days were over! He's drawn to stories of hardship and survival. Carlin announcing he's 'The Daddy' in Scum; Brendan fighting for his family in Warrior; David searching for answers in Vanilla Sky. Marc doesn't hold back when he writes. Much of his work contains black humour. Some might call it a sick sense of humour, but whatever it is you had to have it in the army - you laughed or you cried. He's into writing psychological thrillers that are a bit different. He likes to depict thought-provoking, controversial situations and in some cases to make people more aware of uncomfortable but important topics. Marc has written three novels. THE MORTAL RELIGION has been awarded Rabid Reader's Best Books of 2013; E-thriller's Thriller of the Month in April 2013, and is also listed on 42 Books to Love for Towel Day. PERSONA is a Kindle number 1 bestselling psychological thriller. CUFFED, his most ambitious project, will be released on October 4th 2014. It will blow your mind! Pre-order it now at Amazon for the best price. He loves sixties music and studying lyrics, meditation, skiing, off-road cycling, repairing bikes, martial arts and chess. His favourite novels are Damnation Street, The Exorcist, Complicity, Blood of the Lamb, and The Cult. You can connect with him on his website: www.marchornwriter.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/marchornwriter And Facebook: www.facebook.com/marchornwriter *** PERSONA is only $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME *** *** Read CUFFED on release day for the best price. Pre-order it NOW: http://mybook.to/Cuffed ***
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